ProXper Multifamily ProXper Multifamily brings a more sustainable, secure and connected way of living in condominiums.

Residents will enjoy the latest smart technology and have access to our interactive television, internet, and resident app where they can remotely and seamlessly control the settings and all IoT devices in their homes from anywhere

Communication with the condominium is easier than ever: making reservations, controlling visitors, managing deliveries, speaking with the condo manager, reporting incidents, and checking condo news are all part of life in your smart home.

For condominium managers, the solution provides operational efficiency with features such as interactive television, IoT Smart Living, reservations, direct communication, and partnerships with renowned brands.

ProXper Multifamily: Live Connected, Live Smart!

Complete control at your fingertips, managing entertainment, connectivity, streamlined communication, advanced security, customization, and energy efficiency with a single click or touch.

Distinguishing characteristic compared to other properties, leading to heightened attractiveness, satisfaction, and retention of residents and tenants, enhanced guest loyalty, and increased property appreciation.

Integrated management, intelligent communication, operational efficiency, integrated reports, service request tracking, personalized experience, and strategic partnerships.


Transform your condominium into an intelligent and sustainable environment with ProXper Multifamily.

Enjoy advanced management and personalized experiences for your residents.

Explore some modules that can be completely customized according to current needs:


Enhanced Resident Experience:

Provides residents with a smarter, connected, and more comfortable living experience. With inclusive access to TV and Wi-Fi, remote control of devices, interactive television services, and convenient access to information and functionalities through the Resident App.

Operational Efficiency for Condominiums

Optimizes condominium operations by providing an integrated back office to manage units, common areas, services, and activities. Promotes efficiency and enhances the resident experience.

Intelligent Management of IoT Devices:

Enables advanced management of IoT devices, including digital door lock, smart thermostats, video intercom, and others, providing a secure, efficient, and connected residential environment.


Facilitates communication among residents, managers, condominium administrators, and staff. Provides a direct channel for accessing condominium news, making reservations, service requests, communication of events and incidents, and other interactions, fostering a more integrated community.


Integrated Intelligent Living Concept:

Introduces a comprehensive concept of Intelligent Living, providing residents with a smart home equipped with advanced technologies, sustainable services, and connectivity, promoting a safer and connected way of life.

Integrated and Efficient Condominium Management:

It features a back office that enables the integrated management of all units, common spaces, services, and activities within the condominium, providing operational efficiency and a superior experience for residents.

Strategic Partnerships with Major Brands:

Collaborates in a network with renowned partners such as Sky, HID, LG, Somfy, VDA, Interel, Telkonet, Assa Abloy e Lutron, among others, ensuring integration with various smart solutions and devices to deliver a more comprehensive experience.

Flexibility and Scalability

Allows the addition of more modules, such as Energy Management System (EMS), Building Management System (BMS), IoT Smart Living, and Access Control, offering flexibility and the ability to tailor the solution to the specific needs of each condominium.

Take your condominium into the future now! Request a free demonstration and discover how ProXper Multifamily can elevate the standard of living in your condominium.

Embrace the future, live with ProXper Multifamily!