Evolutix USA is a leading US company in intelligent process automation, specializing in creating smart environments for all three Verticals healthcare, hospitality, and condominiums.

Since 2015, our journey has been marked by innovation and the integration of technologies to provide unique experiences in hospitals, hotels, and residences.

To seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology, ensuring the delivery of exceptional experiences to our clients while consistently leading in the forefront of the digital transformation.


Eliminate barriers in digital transformation, establishing connections between people and their objectives, preserving resources for a more sustainable world and enhancing business efficiency, all while focusing on the distinctive the unique essence of each market.


Innovative attitude Honesty, integrity, and respect Adaptability to each sector and its specifics Accountability to clients and partners Passion for significant challenges Enthusiasm and Passion for technology


What we do:

We connect people and environments through the ProXper platform, a comprehensive solution for automation and process optimization.

We operate in the Healthcare, Hospitality and Residential, oferecendo soluções integradas de hardware e software.

How we do:

Utilizing our own intellectual capital, Evolutix develops innovative technologies, including hardware and software solutions to create intelligent environments.

We implement disruptive, flexible, and secure solutions, ensuring the effectiveness of our products and services, which has made us a reference in automation.

We are the creators and sole providers of IRP (Intelligent Room Platform) technology, an innovative platform concept that revolutionizes the integration of individual units - whether in hospital, hotel, or residential settings - with the rest of the institution or condominium.

IRP features a variety of modules, including XperTV, Evolutix’ flexible TV, an intelligent entertainment solution, duly certified by leading providers, with advanced security protocols for data protection and compatibility with a wide range of systems, providing a seamless and sophisticated experience through our centralized platform.

It's worth noting that our technology is fully developed in Brazil, and we offer specialized technical support in Portuguese, ensuring quality and continuous assistance to our customers