Smart Hospitals, Hotels, and Condominiums

People-Centric Technolog

ProXper platform combines the best of technology with the best of people.

It provides a data-driven experience and brings innovation in the day-to-day management of hotels, hospitals, and condominiums.

Developed with agnostic technology, our platform has the flexibility needed to integrate a wide range of devices and legacy systems. It offers a comprehensive and innovative solution that not only meets current demands but also adapts to the needs of a constantly evolving technological world.

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Claudia Laselva

Director of the Morumbi hospital unit and Care Practices at SBIBAE | EINSTEIN

"The implementation of the ProXper solution has provided greater autonomy to our clients, our patients, enhanced comfort, and allows for increased patient engagement in their care."

Alexandre Magno

Engineer Manager - Hilton Barra

"The system is highly reliable. The air conditioning and room lighting are working perfectly. Therefore, we are very pleased with the system implementation."


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