What is Evolutix?

Evolutix is a Brazilian and US company specialized in the development and integration of technologies to create solutions that encompass processes, people, and products, making various environments intelligent across different verticals.


What are the main Markets in which Evolutix operates?

Evolutix operates in the Markets of healthcare, hospitality, and residential, providing innovative solutions for intelligent management in these environments.


How does Evolutix contribute to digital transformation?

Evolutix streamlines digital transformation by eliminating information barriers, aligning individuals with their objectives, conserving resources, and focusing on the unique essence of each market through the digital transformation process.


Does Evolutix operate internationally?

Yes, Evolutix operates in USA , Brazil and Caribbean, expanding its reach and exporting Brazilian solutions to the international market.


How does Evolutix ensure the security of its products?

Evolutix employs advanced technologies and strives to stay ahead in digital transformation, ensuring the security and quality of its products, always in full compliance with various national and international regulations.

ProXper Health


What is ProXper Health?

ProXper Health is a digital solution from Evolutix dedicated to the intelligent management of healthcare institutions. It provides innovative solutions to enhance the patient experience and optimize operations.


How does ProXper Health benefit hospitals?

ProXper Health enhances operational efficiency in hospitals through features such as integrated check-in/out, order management, and appointment times, real-time surveys, process automation, and much more.


What are the main modules of ProXper Health?

The key modules include Orders, Real-time Satisfaction Surveys (NPS), Backoffice, Assistant, Digital Whiteboard, among others. And all of this is fully integrated with the Registration/Transfer/Discharge procedure.


How does ProXper Health improve the patient experience?

The ProXper Health improves the patient experience in various ways, providing a comprehensive and efficient approach to healthcare and interaction with the healthcare system with some key benefits that contribute to an enhanced experience such as:

1. Simplified Order Process:
Offers a quick and simplified way for patients to place orders related to their treatment.
Streamlines the process, making it efficient and hassle-free.

2. Timelines:
Provides transparent timelines for requested services, allowing patients to know exactly what to expect.
This helps reduce anxiety and increases patient confidence in the care process.

3. Real-Time Evaluations:
Performs live evaluation of rendered services, enabling immediate adjustments as needed.
This contributes to the continuous improvement of healthcare service quality.

4. Surveys:
Conducts specific and general surveys to gather patient feedback on their experience.
This data is valuable for identifying areas for improvement and adapting services to meet patient needs.

5. Sharing Treatment Plans:
Facilitates the sharing of treatment plans through simplified viewing of patient records.
This promotes transparency and collaboration between healthcare professionals and patients.

6. Educational Videos:
Provides educational videos for patients, helping to increase understanding of their treatments and health conditions.
This contributes to health promotion and helps patients make informed decisions about their care.

7. Process Automation:
Integrates process automation to streamline operations and reduce patient waiting times.
This improves the overall efficiency of the healthcare system, resulting in a smoother experience for patients.

8. Intelligent Environments:
Utilizes intelligent environments to enhance patient comfort and care experience.
This may include the automation of temperature control, lighting, and entertainment systems to create a more pleasant environment.

By combining these elements, ProXper Health aims to create a more positive and patient-centered experience, promoting effectiveness, transparency, and active patient involvement in their healthcare.


What are the benefits of ProXper Health for healthcare teams?

ProXper Health provides teams with transparent management based on indicators collected through automated processes, fully integrated with the hospital routine. When combined with real-time assessments, these indicators enable decision-making in a much faster, objective, and simplified manner, adding significant value to hospital management.

Furthermore, the automation and simplification of processes provided by the platform transform and optimize operations, allowing a focus on patient care and reducing team 'burnout.'"

ProXper Hospitality


What is ProXper Hospitality?

Evolutix has developed ProXper Hospitality, a digital solution designed for the intelligent management of hotels. This platform offers innovative solutions to elevate the guest experience and optimize hotel operations.


What are the essential modules of ProXper Hospitality?

The fundamental modules include Orders, Satisfaction Survey (real-time NPS), Backoffice, Housekeeping, Interactive TV, and Automation. Each plays a crucial role in improving efficiency and guest experience.


How does ProXper Hospitality benefit guests?

It provides simplified check-in/check-out, efficient orders, smart environments, exclusive chat interaction, a differentiated experience with interactive TV, and other innovative services that elevate the guest experience to a new level."


How is automation integrated into ProXper Hospitality?

The Automation module allows control of IoT devices in the rooms, giving guests control over lighting, shades, DND, temperature, and entertainment. Additionally, it empowers and facilitates remote management by the hotel staff."


I already have automation in my hotel. Is it possible to integrate it with ProXper Hospitality?

Yes, the platform operates in an agnostic manner, meaning it is completely independent of brand, model, and manufacturer. A technical assessment may be necessary to ensure minimum quality standards, in order to uphold our unwavering commitment to providing the best possible experience to Evolutix customers.


What are the benefits for hotels in adopting ProXper Hospitality?

Hotels that use ProXper Hospitality experience improvements in operational efficiency, cost reduction, increased customer satisfaction, system integration, and more agile, data-driven management obtained through fully automated processes.

ProXper Multifamily


What is ProXper Multifamily?

ProXper Multifamily is a comprehensive management solution designed for the multifamily industry, providing integrated solutions for operations, communications, and home automation.


Which modules are included in ProXper Multifamily?

The solution includes modules such as Backoffice, Resident App, Analytics, Automation, and Resident Mobility, providing efficient administration, home automation, and mobility for residents.


How does ProXper Multifamily benefit residents?

Residents enjoy a unique experience with the Resident APP, which integrates communications, services, home automation, and features such as reservations.


What is the distinctive feature of the Automation module?

The Automation module enables the automation of IoT devices, providing comfort and energy efficiency, while offering remote control to managers for direct configurations.


How does ProXper Multifamily contribute to operational efficiency?

With modules like Backoffice, the platform optimizes operations, facilitates informed decision-making, and provides valuable insights to enhance multifamily management.

Frequently Asked Question


What are the requirements for using the interactive TV?

To use our interactive TV, you will need a TV, internet connection, and our IoT gateway, along with a content provider, whether it be paid or free.


What features are available on the interactive TV?

Our interactive TV offers a variety of features, including intuitive navigation, Streaming services (with secure credential cleaning), orders, on-demand content, and much more.


Can I watch live programs on the interactive TV?

Yes, our interactive TV allows you to watch live broadcasts, according to the content provider, and also gives you the freedom to create your own channels


Are there additional costs beyond the ProXper subscription?

There may be, depending on the chosen content provider option.


Can I customize my experience on the interactive TV?

Yes, you can customize your experience by selecting your favorite channels, choosing interface themes, marketing materials, service catalogs, and adjusting account settings to suit your preferences.


How long does it take to implement a project?

Depending on the project, the system can be up and running in a few days as some modules are plug-and-play. However, the time required will depend on the complexity of the project and the existing infrastructure.


What is the initial infrastructure required

For the installation of the Warning and Interactive TV modules, only one network point and one AC Outlet are necessary. As for the Patient/Guest module, only a Wi-Fi connection is required. Contact us so that we can detail the necessary infrastructure according to your projec


What should I do if I encounter technical issues?

If you encounter technical issues, please refer to our troubleshooting guide or contact our technical support team, available to assist in resolving any issues promptly.

E-mail: contact@evolutix.net Phone: +1 (800) 808-5485