ProXper Hospitality distinguishes itself through proficient hotel management, offering key insights to delight guests and cultivate loyalty, all while optimizing operations for increased value and cost efficiency.

  • Through an exclusive platform and IoT solutions tailored specifically for the hospitality sector, this solution enhances the guest experience by delivering charming, exclusive, and personalized services.
  • The platform also streamlines flows and processes, resulting in a significant reduction of operational and energy costs.
  • Thanks to these unique characteristics, our solutions often self-finance, establishing themselves as enduring investments for the industry.

An interactive experience with high-quality digital content, extensive customization of products and services, automation of conveniences such as temperature and lighting, among others, ensuring refinement, privacy, security, and enhanced comfort.

Operational efficiency, streamlined management for easy day-to-day operations, real-time monitoring, and continuous service improvement.

Enhanced operational efficiency through cost reduction, service monetization, remote management, performance indicators, and an elevated guest experience.


An integrated solution, enhancing the guest experience and operational efficiency.

ProXper Hospitality redefines hotel excellence with innovations such as an efficient Backoffice for administration, personalized IoT automation for rooms, and secure Interactive TV for premium entertainment.

Explore some modules that can be fully customized based on current needs:


Enhanced Experience:

Delivers guests a personalized and efficient experience from check-in to check-out.

Operational Efficiency:

Optimizes hotel operations, boosting productivity and reducing operational costs.

Sustainable Management:

Provides autonomous solutions for energy and resource conservation, promoting sustainable practices.

Seamless Integration:

Allows the integration of various modules, enabling centralized and effective management


Smart Environments:

Establishes smart environments in both rooms and common areas by harnessing IoT technology for control over lighting, temperature, and entertainment control.


Enables automation for a range of IoT devices, guaranteeing guests comfort and convenience


Capabilities of the Secure Streaming Interactive TV Module, offering high-quality entertainment with the added assurance of securely clearing user credentials.

Advanced Management with Analytics:

The Analytics module provides accurate data to enhance decision-making, continuously improving hotel operations.

Transform your hotel management with ProXper Hospitality! Achieve efficiency, innovation, and personalized experiences.

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