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Our platform provides hotels with technologies that provide (provide duas vezes?) process improvements and operational cost reductions, as well as innovative services that elevate the guest experience.

What do we do?

We optimize management and control of operations and sustainability for hotels through smart environments.

How do we do it?

Our family of hardware and software modules is fully scalable and can be deployed across hotel properties large and small saving energy and resources, improving operations, providing managers with real-time insights into property performance, enhancing guest experience and impacting positively your hotel value.

Evolutix puts you at the forefront of managing your property, giving you the knowledge you need to please your guests and keep your property in perfect condition.

Our powerful dashboard and management platform for IoT technologies - designed for hospitality. This intuitive and scalable cloud-based software becomes an essential component of the hotel's daily operation.

With ProXper, managers and owners can visualize data into simple, easy-to-analyze key performance indicators for data-driven business decisions that optimize hotel operation.


Smart Environments

Our technology creates smart environments for your hotel, whether in a room, restaurant, business center or common areas, offering comfort and convenience integrated into your infrastructure, through the IoT concept, we control lighting, curtains, TV, voice command, air conditioning, etc.

Energy Economy and Management

We have standalone energy saving and management solutions that deliver 25-35% energy savings for your hotel without compromising the experience.



Order module

Our platform offers a powerful Order Request System, aligning the guest needs and expectations with increased process efficiency.

Real-time NPS

It allows the guest to evaluate the services performed by room service, cleaning, concierge, maintenance team, among others, or of a collaborator, through a simple and intuitive evaluation in real time.

Message module

Exclusive chat between guests and different hotel areas.


The unit or service manager can control activities, measure processes, and increase assertiveness in decision making.


It enables hotel teams to manage services, communicate with guests, perform registrations, schedules, templates, digital content, through user-friendly and easy-to-use modules.

IT and Engineering Module

Operational management module that helps managers of engineering and IT areas in making decisions based on real-time monitoring of all IoTs connected to the platform.

Housekeeping module

Service optimization in the area of housekeeping and guest experience, integrating both through the solution.