ProXper Health

Our Product

ProXper Health is a solution that allows you to optimize the care team activities, increasing safety and efficiency of operational processes, as well as contributing to the improvement of the quality of services and patient comfort.

With 'user friendly' technology available in various types of IoT devices (tablets, cell phones, desktops, TVs, etc.), carefully thought out for the various actors in the process (patient, medical, care and operational teams, in addition to the hospital itself).

Smart Beds

Our technology creates smart environments for your hospital, whether in bed or in other areas, offering comfort and convenience integrated into your infrastructure, through the IoT concept, we control lighting, curtains, TV, air conditioning, etc….


ProXper provides easy access to operational and energy data that can be used to prioritize and monitor system performance and efficiency investments. We integrate with a variety of devices, programs and software on the market.


Optimize your hotel's operations through a single platform that creates synergy between departments, monitors staff productivity, provides information on the level of supervision and reduces the occurrence of failures through alerts and preventive controls.

We improve your customer experience

We place your client close to your team, whether using bed's resources, through a mobile device or TV, we offer experiences through an easy and intuitive navigation.



Order request

Our platform offers a powerful Order Request System, aligning patient needs and expectations with increased process efficiency.


The unit or service manager can control activities, measure processes, and increase assertiveness in decision making.

Real-time NPS

It allows the patient to evaluate services performed by the care team, hospitality, nutrition, maintenance, among others, or by an employee, through a simple and intuitive evaluation in real time.

Video call

It allows video calling between patient and nursing station and can be extended to nutrition, pharmacy, physiotherapy services, among others.


Messages can be sent to the patient's device to inform about services, schedule and activities.


It allows the teams to manage services, communicate with patients, perform registrations, schedules, templates, digital content, all through highly user-friendly contextual screens.


It adds a very high quality of TV signal over IP to a huge variety of the most popular streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Star+, Disney+, HBO Max, in addition to providing internal channels, institutional videos and conveniences.


The white board gains dynamism, and the care team (equipe assistencial) or clinical staff can, from within the bed, change information in the medical record, present exams, explain conducts and procedures.


Through a monitor outside the bed, it presents important warnings such as patient risk, diet, hospital campaigns, among others.